I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness
come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.
(Galatians 2:21)

When we come to remember the crucifixion of Jesus this coming Easter
we should consider some basic and simple truths that holy bible underlines.

First of all WHY Jesus died?
He died for you and me
He died for our sins
He died to save us
He died so we can live by His Grace

Living a life away from the Grace of God trying to provide our
needs by ourselves and only care about how to make it every
single moment, without truly living what are we made for
and without the ONE we should live with, then the death of
Jesus is in vain for us…

Not because he cannot gives us His Grace but because
we don’t want to receive it in our lives and live
by and in his Grace. What a pity, someone to die
for us and we like to remain dead instead of taking
that gift of eternal life through Grace and start
live our new eternal life from today!

You can follow the steps of Apostle Paul in Greece
and testify for yourself how God’s Grace provided
him everything for his journey and how God’s spirit
lead Apostle Paul from place to place and find in
the scriptures the wisdom of God and his plan for
you and for me today in 2014, in Greece, in USA,
in Europe, or wherever you are from remember that
God is with you and you can live by His GRACE only.

Have a blessed Easter and this year, look at the cross
and think for a while… Did Christ died in vain?
Can His Grace be in my life and can I live by
His Grace? Then yes Christ did not died neither
resurrected in vain.

Jesus left Heaven, and lived to earth, in order to die alone,
so when you die, you can leave earth, to live in Heaven with Him.

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