GEC Katerini

Greek Evangelical Church has its spiritual roots in the Apostolic Church which Jesus Christ founded and in the Evangelical Reformation of 16th century. The first Greek Evangelical Church founded in 1858 at Athens. Since then, many other Evangelical Church founded in many cities and villages of our country. Greek Evangelical Church of Katerini founded in 1923 after population exchange between Greeks and Turkeys, by Greek Evangelicals, who came from Greek Evangelical Churches of Pontos.

Our purpose

Our church’s purpose is to worship altogether our almighty Lord, to preach and teach God’s Word, to lead the sinful and lost individual to Jesus Christ and into salvation’s path and to offer brotherhood companionship, encouragement and spiritual growth.

Our Ministries

  • Refugee ministry and projects
  • Food Bank (food and clothes for people in need)
  • Orphans and single parent families support (Benjamin Orphans)
  • Senior house (Good Samaritan support)
  • Kids camps and teenagers conference
  • Community outreach programs
  • TV program in local station


• 24 Rooms guesthouse (capacity of 100 beds)
• 4 Prefabricated houses
• 4 Double room apartments
• 30 Places for caravans (and campers with tents)
• 12 Houses for kids camp and 4 houses for camp leaders
• 2 Restaurants
• 3 Worship places
• Soccer, Basketball, Beach Volley courts



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