Dear brothers and sisters,

We are reaching out to you as our Camp in Leptokarya is facing the most critical moment in its history, as the climax of a major lawsuit concerning the Camp coincides with the climax of global uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. More specifically, in December 2019 we had a dramatic development: our Camp was forced to start paying the astronomical amount of 1,781,214 Euros (i.e. a little less than 2 million US Dollars) to the Municipality of Dion-Olympus in 100 installments of 17,812 € each month, as
cash levy for the integration of the camp into the city plan, which happened against our will. Even though we have taken legal action against the above claim, until the final judgment of the court (expected in about one and a half year from today), we are unfortunately obligated by the law to start paying these monthly installments, otherwise the municipality can immediately proceed by confiscating a large part of the camp and/or bank accounts of the Greek Evangelical Church of Katerini. At this extremely critical moment in history, we need you by our side, so that this Camp, which has been a blessing nationwide and interdenominationally for three generations since
1954 to this present day, and where we and our children have been blessed, ministered and renewed physically and spiritually, continue its work unobstructed. Our generation is faced with the historic challenge of whether this ministry will shrink or grow. Our vision is not simply its preservation, but also its development, so that we can hand over to our children a thriving ministry, a venue which will increasingly continue to be the epicenter of blessing for all churches, all denominations and all nations.
In this vision, would you support us as partners in the Gospel, by offering for this ministry?

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